CEO/CFO Magazine

A few weeks ago, RazorX2’s President, Julie Pak was given a great opportunity to provide an interview to CEO/CFO magazine.  Here is what Julie had to say about the experience:

Julie-ThumbnailWe started talking about the company, what we do, our customers, etc etc … you know, typical corporate interview material.But the interesting thing I learned about giving this interview is that I could not talk about RazorX2 without speaking highly of each one of you and the opportunities we have created together.  How cool is that?!

Once again, I am humbled to be a leader among this impressive group of talented individuals.  Each of you continue to challenge and surprise me (in good ways!) that allow me to be a better professional.  I sincerely hope that you have gained the same benefits by being a RazorX2’er.

As always, THANK YOU for all that you do and I look forward to many more successes we will achieve together!

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